"Lord, let me come into the fullness of who You created me to be!"

This has been the cry of my heart for the last fifteen years. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that writing would be a part of it.

An early attempt at creative writing not only crashed and burned but was publicly scorned by my high school teacher. However, in the same year a term paper brought the only "A" from another teacher and resulted in him keeping my work as an "example" for others.

My humor is kind of "off the wall" and I love to laugh. So sharing true-life stories with friends or small groups over the years has always been met with laughter. And occasionally, I've heard the words "You should write a book!” In pre-reality television days, this was more than a far-fetched idea!

Looking back, I can see that all those who declared I should write a book were actually speaking prophetically into my life, negating the careless words of a well-meaning teacher. For apparently, my creativity lay in presenting the Truth. After reading a sample devotion, my pastor's wife made an interesting observation. She said that God had given me the ability to convey the truth of His Word through normal, everyday life.

Countless edits were done prior to the release of this book. I just pray that all errors were caught! But the process was an interesting one, which caused me to see that the cry of my heart needed some "tweaking" as well. Ultimately I will come into the fullness of who I was created to be when I am with Jesus for all eternity.

So for now Lord, let me come into the fullness of who You created me to be, each day on this earth, through the Truth of Your Word!